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the Harris county “Lincoln Lawyer”

DON'T EVER WALK INTO 1201 Franklin St court house without these attorneys or you are goofed!!!! I participated in the 1000+ people cattle drive into the Harris County court house this week and evaluated that justice had little to do with our court system, and perpetual punishment for even a small crime is awaiting everyone walking into the courthouse. If I were Elon Musk, I would staff only educated homeless people to run my balance sheet accounting. Only then will Space X achieve earnest cost cutting actuaries. Through prayer and blessings was I able to find Dylan Blackwell @ Duckworth & Ray LLP. This system stinks, yet it is still the most yielding in all of the 48 industrial nations. Regardless whether you're a professional criminal or just a only time mistake you have to call Dylan. His knowledge of the process and criminal law is “second-to-non” the best in Harris County. He owns respect on both sides of the bench. He will be a Harris County Judge before I blink my eye. He will coach you through your best options. I call him the Harris county “Lincoln Lawyer”…….Done

– David K.

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