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Bail Bond Violations

Bail Bonds Lawyers Conroe

In Texas, if you are arrested and charged with a crime, the law provides that you are entitled to a reasonable bail.

Bail Bond Violations

You may be released without being held in jail on a “personal recognizance” bond, in which you will agree to attend all subsequent court proceedings related to your case and to otherwise “keep the peace and be on good behavior”. This will allow you remain free while you consult a Texas criminal defense attorney to prepare a defense without having to deposit a sum of money. If you are a first time offender and your charge is not of a highly serious nature, this is the best of possible circumstances before trial. If your charges are more serious, you may be required to post a large cash bail bond or post property as a surety.

If you are so foolish as to violate any of the terms of your bond, the court will revoke your bail (set aside your bond), and you will be jailed until your case is resolved. Aside from costing both money and your personal freedom, it may also jeopardize your ability to mount a defense. If you are arrested for any another offense while on bond, you will be charged with the additional offense of a “bail bond violation,” and you risk your “Surety to Surrender your bond”. The penalty for the bail bond violation may be even more severe than the penalty for the offense for which you were originally charged.

The major stumbling block for a person on bail is the unconditional requirement “to keep the peace and be of good behavior”. The exact type of behavior that would constitute a violation of this provision is subject to interpretation by the judge, who is given a wide latitude in its formulation. Suppose that, while you free on bond, you were subsequently arrested on a petty drug possession charge. You are arraigned on the drug offense and the good news is that the judge dismisses the drug charge for lack of evidence that the drugs were yours. The bad news is that the judge found reasonable cause to believe that you were not “on good behavior” by association in an environment where drugs were freely available. He then revokes your bond, you forfeit your bond money, the judge places you in detention, and hits you with a charge of “bail bond violation." It's out the fry pan and into the fire. Any incident which puts you into contact with law enforcement will suffice for this purpose. The courts take a very “no-nonsense” approach to bail bond provisions. 

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