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Computer Crimes Attorney Conroe, TX.

Computer Crimes Lawyer Conroe

If you have been accused of a computer crime, you will need a Texas computer crime criminal defense attorney team armed with both legal and technical expertise. Unfortunately, most criminal defense attorneys know little more about computers than how to turn one on. Our Texas computer crimes attorney team at Duckworth & Ray, LLP has kept itself abreast of new developments in this challenging field and maintains a close network of qualified technical experts to advise and assist in your defense should they need be called upon. In addition, computer crimes may span multiple jurisdictions and often embrace federal as well as state charges. Our computer crimes attorneys are licensed to practice before both the federal and state bar.

Computer Crimes represent a new legal frontier that is constantly evolving

Prosecuting authorities have approached computer crimes more aggressively in recent years. There is, however, precious little case law accumulated at this point in time to provide clear guidance in the enforcement and/or interpretation of these computer crimes statutes. The upshot of this circumstance is that there are many opportunities to pave new avenues of defense in computer crimes cases. A skilled attorney in this field can argue to have your case dismissed entirely or, at the very minimum, have it reduced to something less severe. These arguments can be based on both legal and technical grounds. Only a skilled Texas computer crimes attorney such as those available to you at Duckworth & Ray, LLP would have the necessary expertise and experience in dealing with these kinds of cases in such manner as to assure the best possible outcome for you.

If you or a loved one has been charged in Texas with a computer-related offense that might have involved allegations of bank or credit card fraud, cyber stalking or bullying, email hacking or security breaches, child pornography or cyber solicitation of a minor, or any other of a host of other possible crimes whose principle element was the employment of a computer or other type of digital device in the commission of the alleged crime, you should not hesitate to consult our Texas computer crimes attorney team. We will examine your case in detail and provide you with all of your legal options. And as a token of our sincere desire to serve you in the most expeditious manner, your initial consultation with us for computer crimes or any other criminal case will be absolutely free of charge. Contact us now at Duckworth & Ray, LLP.

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