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It is foolish to hire an attorney based on where you live and the closeness of the attorney's office to your home. There is an old saying that a good attorney knows the law, a great attorney knows the judge. There is some truth in that statement…not because you will get any wink and nod deals from the judges, but because human nature is to be more accommodating in your job to people you know and like than to people you don't know enough to like.

In fact, this principle applies less to judges than it does to court personnel and employees of the district attorney's office. Especially in a county like Montgomery County, where there are different rules for each court and court isn't held every day like it is in bigger cities, it is important to hire an attorney familiar with the people and places that will determine your fate.

24+ Years of Experience in Montgomery County as Criminal Defense Attorneys

The range of punishment from Class C Misdemeanors to First Degree Felonies is anything from a small fine only to life in prison. But, even Class C Misdemeanor convictions can affect your life in ways that you may not be aware, such as the ability to get a specific job or rent an apartment. We believe that you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We know all too well that most prosecutors and jurors disregard this principle.

In fact, many defense attorneys don't make a serious effort to enforce this fundamental belief held by our forefathers. We feel that when your freedom and reputation are at stake, so is ours. We will fight for the justice you deserve. We're the best qualified criminal defense lawyers in Conroe, TX. We service Montgomery County, Harris County, Walker County, Waller County, and Liberty County. The types of cases we handle are:

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