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Juvenile defense is not simply the same as adult criminal defense for juveniles.

It is a completely separate process and requires a different mindset and skill set by the defense attorney. We have seen many instances where a well-meaning criminal defense attorney actually damages a juvenile's case by the tactics used by that defense attorney. The biggest difference is that the best interest of the juvenile defendant should be taken into consideration by the court and the prosecutor whereas that is almost a laughable proposition in adult court for adult defendants. Juvenile law is not governed by the Texas Penal Code. It is governed by the Texas Family Code, which always concerns itself with the best interest of the juvenile involved.

The Conroe Juvenile Crime Attorney is here to help defend your case.

In Montgomery County, the juvenile prosecutors are very reasonable individuals who are fair-minded towards the facts of each case. They believe juveniles should be held accountable for their actions, but do not want to waste the county's resources prosecuting children that should not be prosecuted and make every effort to rehabilitate the children that should be prosecuted. We have the experience to evaluate your child's situation and communicate it to the prosecutors in order to reach the best possible outcome for your child.

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