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Fraud Defense Attorney Conroe

The crime of fraud occurs when a person willfully obtains money or assets through some sort of deceit.

What you need to know about Fraud

Typical forms of fraud involve lying on a credit application and using stolen credit cards or personal checks in conjunction with forged identification documents. Possession of these documents alone with intent to use them, regardless of who may have stolen them, is enough to engender a criminal fraud accusation. Our fraud attorney's have successfully handled cases to have such charges reduced, or in some cases, totally dismissed.

Fraud, as white-collar crime, is not treated as seriously as armed robbery or burglary, but you would never know it judging by the penalties imposed, especially when large sums of money are involved. Criminal penalties are scaled to the amount of money involved and can range from misdemeanor to felony level. You may be required to serve time in prison with probation upon release and can be fined up to $10,000. The long-term consequences can be even more severe as you find yourself excluded from many forms of employment involving the retail or financial services industry that might involve handling money or provide you access to another´s identity.

If you are facing such a charge, do not despair. From the standpoint of defense, fraud charges can be challenged from any number of positions. Investigators will use documentary evidence to build their case. Signed checks, receipts from credit cards or credit applications can be all called into question as to authenticity. Should they bear your signature, that authenticity too can be challenged. The state has a huge burden of proof in such cases, a standard that is difficult to satisfy. A weak case can be leveraged down to a lesser charge. If this is your first offense and the amount of money involved is not great, it is not improbable that restitution and community service could be ordered to avoid a conviction.

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