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Weapons Crime Defense Lawyer Conroe

Gun Crimes Lawyer Conroe TX

There are a few different ways to be charged with a weapons crime.

You can face charges for unlawfully carrying or being in possession of a weapon (e.g. an unregistered weapon, or unlawfully concealing a weapon). You can also commit a crime with a weapon, which can be prosecuted to varying degrees.

Duckworth & Ray handles all types of cases. Unlawfully discharging a weapon, say near a crowd of people, is a different crime than armed robbery. Being in possession of a weapon during a crime (such as in the case of armed robbery) will mean that you will face additional punishment if a conviction for that crime is reached. Criminal charges in Conroe? An attorney is necessary immediately.

The defense of your weapons crime will depend on the details of your case, so it is very important to speak with a Conroe criminal lawyer about your case as soon as possible. Even if you are only under investigation for a weapons crime and have not actually been arrested, speaking to an attorney now can help you protect yourself. When someone is convicted of any type of weapons crime, it can affect their ability to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights in addition to the criminal consequences they may face.

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Speak with no one but your criminal defense Lawyer. Please, for your sake, DO NOT SPEAK WITH POLICE OR INVESTIGATORS until you have consulted with us. These people are trained with different techniques to try and get a “confession” or, at least, a statement with language in it that could be used as a confession. Do Not Help Them prosecute you. 

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