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Domestic violence (commonly referred to as “family violence” in Montgomery County, Texas), is a classification of an assault charge.

It can have very damaging consequences not only to the person accused of the assault, but also to his or her family. DO NOT make the assumption that this classification can only occur between spouses or your children. “Family” has a very broad definition in criminal law which may include current or former boyfriends or girlfriends, former spouses, parents, children or others which live under the same roof as you. A “Family Violence” finding can be placed on any degree of assault, including a Class C Misdemeanor. PLEASE, for your sake, DO NOT simply accept a conviction for even a Class C Misdemeanor assault if the prosecutor is insisting that there be a finding of “Family Violence”.

A Conroe family violence attorney can help you navigate serious charges of family violence.

According to Federal Law, if you are convicted of an assault with a finding of family violence, you are prohibited from purchasing or possessing a firearm FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Furthermore, if you are ever arrested again for an altercation with a “Family” member, a prior conviction with a family violence finding will immediately enhance what may be a minor dispute or altercation to a felony. Like any assault, do not speak with an investigator or the district attorney or have the “victim” contact the district attorney to have the charges dropped without consulting us first. It is not an easy process, but it is easy for you or your loved one to actually damage your case even if your loved one wants to help your case. We have the experience to make sure the district attorney has all of the important facts which can only benefit you and your family.

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